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Emergency 24x7x365 Support

Access to member's equipment which is located at SRCE must be announced beforehand via e-mail to cix© Messages should contain information about the person or people arriving, including names and time of the arrival, preferably a brief description of the reason of arrival and retention duration. Additionally, in case of equipment import or export, e-mail message must contain equipment serial numbers.

User's equipment can be exported from SRCE only with the record signed by authorized technician. In case of emergency actions outside working hours, after all actions are completed, user will be able to export only the equipment which is document at the reception upon user’s arrival at SRCE. Other equipment can be exported on the next business day, with signed records. Administrator of CIX member can declare an authorized technician for CIX member at any time through CIX internet portal.

Technical Support Summary

Phone: +385 1 6165 520
Hours: 08:00 to 16:00 GMT, Monday to Friday